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Enables revision tracking operations on a table.



TABLE (required)
Table to track.

NUMVERSIONS (optional)
Maximum number of versions to store for each row. When the maximum is reached, the oldest version is removed.

STORAGE (required)
Location to store revisions associated with a row in the table. This is the root folder. A folder is created under the given root folder whose name is the same as the table being tracked.


The TRACKTABLE tag enables revision tracking operations on a table. The maximum number of revisions per row can be set as well as the storage location for the revisions.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

Command failure. Check the errdetail variable for the specific error.


This example assumes all TRACKTABLE parameters are exposed on an HTML form. It first checks whether the parameters exist, clears any values from errno, then tracks the given table.

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