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Gets a list of nodes from a tree.



ftcmd (required)
Value must be set to findnode.

treename (required)
Name of the tree.

where (optional)
Values of the column names containing data to use in constructing the query. Only variables whose column names appear in this list are used in constructing the query, and only columns referring to objects are allowed.

Legal values are: otype, oid, and oversion.

For example, where=otype to use the values in the variables otype to build the query.

orderby (optional)
Specifies the tree column in which to sort results.

Wildcards are not allowed in any of the variables being searched for. If a % is found in a variable whose column is specified as part of the search, it is ignored.

The name of the list that is constructed is stored in the value of the variable, treename (that is, Variables.treename).


The findnode command gets a list of nodes from a tree. This is meant to perform a fast lookup of nodes referring to specific objects.


The possible values of errno include:

No access privileges to table.
No table.
Invalid tree name.
No nodes.


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