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Sets an object on a node.



ftcmd (required)
Value must be set to setobject.

treename (required)
Name of the tree.

node (required)
ID of the node.

otype (optional)
Name of the object table.

oid (optional)
Identifies the object in an object table.

ncode (optional)
16-character string available for use by an application.

validate (optional)
If true, the object is validated before being set (see also validatenode ).

nrank (optional)
Value of rank to assign this node.


The setobject command sets an object on a node.

The otype, oid, and ncode parameters may be NULL if validate is false. If validate is true, the existence of the table named with the otype parameter, and the existence of a record identified by the oid paremeter, is verified.


The possible values of errno include:

No access privileges to table.
No table.
Database error.
Missing or invalid parameters.
Invalid tree name.
Missing class type (If validate is true).


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