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Retrieves the number of history records recorded for this visitor that match the specified criteria.



ATTRIBUTE (required)
Input parameter. Name of a history type or name of an external history vector (that is, a vector of history data stored in the Transact database).

VARNAME (required)
Input and output parameter. As input, name of a variable to create on output to hold the value of the count.

STARTDATE (optional)
Input parameter. Start date, in milliseconds, from epoch.

ENDDATE (optional)
Input parameter. End date, in milliseconds, from epoch.

LIST (optional)
Input parameter. Name of a list of values to use to constrain the count. The list has two columns:

Use this parameter if you want to count only the instances of this record that match specific criteria. There might be more than one row for the same field.


You can use this tag to count the number of times the visitor has viewed a specific advertisement and then display something on the current page based on that number.

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