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Saves an object to the Sites database as a visitor attribute.



ATTRIBUTE (required)
Input parameter. Name of the visitor attribute to save the object as.

OBJECT (required)
Input parameter. Name of the object to save as the visitor attribute. This object must implement either the standard Java interface, Serializable, or the Sites implementation of the standard Java interface, IStorableObject.


Use this tag to store a shopping cart across sessions.


For example, using the Sites-Engage visitor attribute form, you create a visitor attribute of type binary and name it storedcart.

You code your application pages to create a cart to be stored when the session ends:

<CART.CREATE NAME="localcart"/>

Then you use this tag to store that cart object as the visitor attribute named storedcart:

The next time the visitor arrives at the site, you can use
<VDM.LOADSCALAROBJECT ATTRIBUTE= "storedcart"/> to retrieve the stored cart.

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