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Sets or clears the visitor's commerce identifier; that is, the visitor's Transact ID.



ID (optional)
Input parameter. The visitor's commerce identifier, userID. Omit the ID to clear the commerce identifier for the current visitor.


Having a commerce ID set for a visitor is the equivalent of logging into Transact. Use this tag when you need to check whether or not the visitor is logged in to Transact.

Additionally, the visitor data manager passes this ID to Commerce Connector in order to obtain Transact-based visitor data. If the visitor does not have a commerce identifier, there is no Transact-based visitor data available for this person.

For information about additional tags and parameters that are typically used with this one, see the descriptions of CSUSER.AUTHENTICATE and the userID buyer parameter.


Using the <VDM.SETCOMMERCEID/> tag is the equivalent of using <VDM.SETACCESSID ID= "tx"/>.

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