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Invokes XML processing for content filtering and tag remapping.



FILTERFILE (optional)
File defining the tag syntax. For example, a tag <Arial></Arial> whose definition is <"Font face=Arial"></Font>.

FILTERSTR (optional)
Name of the string whose content defines the syntax in FILTERFILE.

OUTFILE (optional)
Name of the file to contain results of filtered XML tags found in FILE_NAME or STRING_NAME.

FILE (optional)
Source file containing XML-tagged content. If the file is empty (not null), Sites creates a default file.

STR (optional)
Source string containing XML-tagged content. If the string is empty (not null), Sites creates a default string.

VERIFY (required)
Indicates FILE_NAME is verified against the filter (syntax checked). Legal values are true or false.

RUN (optional)
Indicates whether to process the content of OUTFILE_NAME for Sites tags. Legal values are true or false.

If value is true and results are not saved to file, the result from the filter is expected to be well-formed XML. The required XML header/footer to specify the FutureTense DTD is prepended/appended before processing.

Otherwise, the file is saved to disk. If the users specifies XML as the file extension, that user must know how to mark an element properly.

RUNOUT (optional)
If RUN is set to true, this variable's value is set to the evaluated stream instead of writing to the file specified by OUTFILE.

Error Numbers

The possible values of errno include:

No input.
No filter definitions.
Parsing failed.
Write file failed.
Bad file.
Bad parameters
Document failed.
Syntax error occurred during parse.


This example constructs a temporary name for filtered output. Because RUN=true in the example, the results of the filtered file are then "evaluated" as if they were an element. The content of the resulting file is inserted and then the file is deleted. NewsDir is a list constructed by querying the SystemInfo table for information about the News table.

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