28.2.1 Installing and Configuring the Software

To install and configure the software that is required to run Linux Containers:

  1. Install the btrfs-progs package by using the yum command.

    [root@host ~]# yum install btrfs-progs

  2. Install the lxc and wget packages.

    [root@host ~]# yum install lxc wget

    This command installs all of the required packages. The LXC template scripts are installed in /usr/share/lxc/templates. LXC uses wget to download packages from the Oracle Linux yum server.

  3. Start the LXC network management service, lxc-net, and configure the service to start at boot time.

    [root@host ~]# systemctl start lxc-net.service
    [root@host ~]# systemctl enable lxc-net.service

    LXC includes its own network management service to support network bridging for containers.

  4. If you are going to compile applications that require the LXC header files and libraries, install the lxc-devel package.

    [root@host ~]# yum install lxc-devel