18.3 Connecting to VNC Desktop

You can connect to a VNC desktop on an Oracle Linux 7 system using any VNC client. The following example instructions are for the TigerVNC client. Adapt the instructions for your client.

  1. Install the TigerVNC client (vncviewer).

    # yum install tigervnc
  2. Start the TigerVNC client and connect to a desktop.

    To connect directly to a VNC desktop, you can start the TigerVNC client and enter host:display to specify the host name or IP address of the VNC server and the display number of the VNC desktop to connect to. Alternatively, you can specify the VNC desktop as an argument for the vncviewer command. For example:

    $ vncviewer myhost.example.com:1

    To connect to a VNC desktop through an SSH tunnel, use the -via option for the vncviewer command to specify the user name and host for the SSH connection, and use localhost:display to specify the VNC desktop. For example:

    $ vncviewer -via vncuser@myhost.example.com localhost:67

    See the vncviewer(1) manual page for more information.