10.7.1 Configuring Network Interface Teaming

You can configure a teamed interface by creating JSON-format definitions that specify the properties of the team and each of its component interfaces. The teamd daemon then interprets these definitions. You can use the JSON-format definitions to create a team interface by starting the teamd daemon manually, by editing interface definition files in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts, by using the nmcli command, or by using the Network Configuration editor (nm-connection-editor). This section describes the first of these methods.

To create a teamed interface by starting teamd manually:

  1. Create a JSON-format definition file for the team and its component ports. For sample configurations, see the files under /usr/share/doc/teamd-*/example_configs/.

    The following example, which is based on the contents of the file activebackup_ethtool_1.conf, defines an active-backup configuration where em4 is configured as the primary port and em3 as the backup port and these ports are monitored by ethtool.

            "device":       "team0",
            "runner":       {"name": "activebackup"},
            "link_watch":   {"name": "ethtool"},
            "ports":        {
                    "em3": {
                            "prio": -10,
                            "sticky": true
                    "em4": {
                            "prio": 100
  2. Use the ip command to bring down the component ports:

    # ip link set em3 down
    # ip link set em4 down

    Active interfaces cannot be added to a team.

  3. Start an instance of the teamd daemon and have it create the teamed interface by reading the configuration file (in this example, /root/team_config/team0.conf):

    # teamd -g -f /root/team_config/team0.conf -d
    Using team device "team0".
    Using PID file "/var/run/teamd/team0.pid"
    Using config file "/root/team_config/team0.conf"

    The -g option displays debugging messages and can be omitted.

  4. Use the ip command to set the IP address and network mask prefix length of the teamed interface:

    # ip addr add dev team0

For more information, see the teamd(8) manual page.