2 Fixed Issues

This chapter describes the fixed issues for Oracle Linux 7 Update 3.

Note that additional issues specific to the kernel that you are using may also be resolved. If you are using the default UEK R4u2, please see Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel: Release Notes for Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 4 Update 2 (4.1.12-61). If you are using an alternate UEK release or update, please refer to the appropriate release notes for this kernel version, available at Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel documentation.

Upgrade issues fixed

Several issues relating to the upgrade process have been resolved to provide a more trouble-free upgrade process. (Bug IDs 18815298, 18767222, 18900135)

Docker Engine and SELinux compatibility

An issue that previously caused the Docker Engine not to run on Oracle Linux 7 update 2 when SELinux was enabled has been resolved in this update. (Bug ID 22258930)

Enabling and Disabling NFS

The issue that prevented enabling or disabling the NFS service by using the systemctl command with nfs.service has been resolved. (Bug ID 18437212)

systemctl Service Actions Fixed For Some Services

Service actions, such as configure, that were previously not working for some services, such as for o2cb and oracleasm, are now fully functional via the systemctl command. (Bug IDs 18528039, 18527520)