Oracle® Linux 7

Release Notes for Oracle Linux 7 Update 5

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March 2020

Table of Contents

1 System Requirements and Limits
1.1 File System, Storage, and Address Space Limitations
2 Shipped Kernels
3 New Features and Changes
3.1 File Systems
3.1.1 btrfs: File system deprecated in RHCK
3.1.2 ext4: quotacheck performance improvement
3.2 Installation and Upgrade
3.3 Kernel
3.3.1 Automatic loading of DCCP modules through socket layer now disabled by default
3.4 MySQL Community Packages
3.5 Networking
3.6 Packaging
3.7 Security
3.8 Server and Services
3.9 Storage
3.10 Virtualization
3.11 Technology Preview
3.12 Compatibility
4 Fixed Issues
4.1 Issue with OpenSSH not updating login records with SSH client's host name resolved
4.2 Issue that prevented systems with Broadcom MegaRAID 9460 controller from booting after installation resolved
5 Known Issues
5.1 Installation and Upgrade Issues
5.1.1 Installation on an iSCSI disk
5.1.2 Installation on an HP 3PAR TPVV
5.1.3 Installation on an Aura7 NVMe device
5.2 Package Conflicts
5.2.1 rdma-core and infiniband-diags when installing oracle-ofed-release package
5.2.2 dovecot-devel.i686 and dovecot-devel.x86_64
5.2.3 ipa-server-dns.x86_64 and freeipa-server-dns
5.2.4 ipa-admintools.x86_64 and freeipa-admintools
5.2.5 rear.x86_64 and rear.noarch
5.2.6 PackageKit.i686 and PackageKit.x86_64
5.2.7 sssd-common.i686 and sssd-common.x86_64
5.3 File System Bugs
5.3.1 btrfs: Send operation causes soft lockup on large deduped file
5.3.2 btrfs, ext4 and xfs: Kernel panic when freeze and unfreeze operations are performed in multiple threads
5.3.3 btrfs: qgroup reserve space leaks
5.3.4 btrfs: Incorrect exclusive reference count after cloning file between subvolumes
5.3.5 btrfs: Kernel oops when unmounting during a quota rescan or disable
5.3.6 btrfs: Kernel oops when removing shared extents using qgroup accounting
5.3.7 ext4: System hangs on unmount after an append to a file with negative i_size
5.3.8 ext4: hang occurs during dynamic expansion of inode size
5.3.9 ext4: System hang when processing corrupted orphaned inode list
5.3.10 xfs: Oracle Linux 7 Update 4 and later incompatible with UEK R3 for file systems formatted using XFS with d_type enabled
5.3.11 xfs: System hangs on unmount after a buffered append to a file with negative i_size
5.3.12 xfs: System hangs during xfs_fsr on two-extent files with speculative preallocation
5.4 Automatic Bug Reporting Tool
5.5 The libvirtd process displays a warning on startup
5.6 Snapshots of KVM guests using UEFI fail and are unsupported
5.7 KVM guests with LSI MegaRAID SAS ISCSI controller limited to 7 virtual disks
5.8 crashkernel=auto setting on UEK R3
5.9 Running sosreport on UEFI systems results in grub2-plugin-errors.txt
5.10 grubby fatal error during kernel upgrade when /boot is on a btrfs subvolume
5.11 Hebrew LaTeX fonts
5.12 InfiniBand Issues
5.12.1 Kdump might fail due to an incorrect InfiniBand Adapter M3 Firmware version
5.12.2 Disabling an InfiniBand CA port generates warnings
5.13 Intel QuickAssist Acceleration Technology
5.14 Database installation and operation fails if RemoveIPC=yes is configured for systemd
5.15 Unable to create Oracle Linux 7 LXC containers on NFS
5.16 Support for Oracle Linux 7 guests on Oracle VM and Xen
5.17 Kdump to ssh target failed with Oracle Linux 7 PVHVM guest
5.18 Hyper-V related services fail to start on Oracle Linux 7 guest with UEK R4 kernel under Windows Hyper-V Server
5.19 Geneve network driver support not available in UEK releases
5.20 net_prio control group not supported on UEK R3
5.21 NetworkManager fails to set the default gateway and route for interfaces configured with DHCP on UEK R3
5.22 NetworkManager fails to respond to IPv6 addresses on low priority networks with DHCP on UEK R4
5.23 NetworkManager unable to add IPv6 addresses to interfaces on UEK R3
5.24 Network connection icon reports incorrect state for interfaces
5.25 Power button defaults to ACPI Suspend
5.26 Cockpit web interface fails to display subscription status
5.27 32-bit RDMA packages are installed when upgrading a system with rdma-core installed
5.28 Uninstalling libpcap can result in the removal of a large number of libvirt packages
6 Installation and Availability
6.1 Upgrading from Oracle Linux 6
6.2 Oracle-Supported OFED Packages
6.2.1 Installing or Upgrading Oracle-Supported OFED Packages for UEK R4
6.2.2 Upgrading to Oracle Linux 7 Update 5 with the Oracle-Supported OFED Packages for UEK R4 installed
A Package Changes from the Upstream Release
A.1 Changes to Binary Packages
A.1.1 Added Binary Packages by Oracle
A.1.2 Modified Binary Packages
A.1.3 Modified Optional Binary Packages
A.1.4 New Binary Packages
A.1.5 Removed Binary Packages
A.2 Changes to Source Packages
A.2.1 Added Source Packages by Oracle
A.2.2 Modified Source Packages
A.2.3 Modified Optional Source Packages
A.2.4 New Source Packages
A.2.5 Removed Source Packages
B Removed Modules