5.3.10 xfs: Oracle Linux 7 Update 4 and later incompatible with UEK R3 for file systems formatted using XFS with d_type enabled

All xfs file systems that are created by using the Oracle Linux 7 Update 4 and later Oracle Linux 7 installers have d_type support enabled automatically. These files systems are formatted with the ftype=1 option. The UEK R3 kernel is incompatible with this option and therefore does not boot on systems that have been installed with the Oracle Linux 7 Update 4 or a later version installer. This problem occurs when the default file system formatting is selected because the UEK R3 kernel cannot mount any xfs file system that is created by specifying ftype=1.

Note that upgrades are unaffected because previous updates of Oracle Linux 7 formatted disks use the ftype=0 option. However, when using UEK R3 on Oracle Linux 7 Update 4 and later, be aware that you must explicitly set the ftype=0 option when formatting the disk with XFS.

When performing a kickstart installation, if you intend to use UEK R3 on the system, you can manually specify alternate file system options for formatting. If you want to continue to use XFS with UEK R3, you must explicitly set the formatting option to ftype=0 in your kickstart configuration. (Bug ID 26176688)