Chapter 1 System Requirements and Limits

System requirements and limitations for 64-bit Arm architecture are under review. You can check whether your hardware is supported on Oracle Linux 7 by checking the Hardware Certification List at Hardware is listed as it becomes available and is validated.

1.1 File System, Storage, and Address Space Limitations

The following table describes the maximum file size and maximum file system size for the btrfs, ext4, and XFS file systems. File system limitations are affected by kernel versions and features, and by the architecture of the system on which Oracle Linux is installed. The values depicted here are estimates based on the known variables that might affect the maximum theoretical value that can be achieved. The theoretical values might be higher than those depicted here, and the actual achievable values might be lower than the values shown, depending on the hardware and the kernel version that is used.

File System Type

Maximum File Size

Maximum File System Size


8 EiB

8 EiB


16 TiB

1 EiB


8 EiB

8 EiB

The limits for the ext4 file system that are described here are higher than those that are recommended and might prove unstable. If you plan to work with systems where you are intend to work towards using higher file system sizes or file sizes, it is recommended that you use either the btrfs or XFS file system.

The maximum supported size for a bootable logical unit number (LUN) is 50 TB. GPT and UEFI support are required for LUNs that are larger than 2 TB.

The maximum size of the address space that is available to each process is 128 TB.