5.2.7 Upgrade failure if open files limit is too low and rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit is installed

Upgrade from Oracle Linux 7 Update 5 can fail if the login session open files limit is set too low and the system that is being upgraded includes many packages from many channels or repositories. The issue can be triggered if the rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit package is installed and the session is configured for a maximum open file limit below 4096. This issue typically results in yum failing to update and error messages similar to:

Verifying  : glib2-static-2.56.1-1.el7.i686
glib2-static-2.56.1-1.el7.i686 was supposed to be installed but is not!

To resolve this issue, set the open file limit to 4096 before running yum update:

# ulimit -n 4096
# yum update -y

(Bug ID 28720235)