3.1.1 Important Installation Information for Oracle Linux 7 Update 7

Before installing Oracle Linux 7 Update 7, review the following important information:


Any system that is installed by using any Oracle Linux 7 Update 7 ISO that is subsequently registered with the Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN), is automatically subscribed to the ol7_x86_64_latest and ol7_x86_64_UEKR5 channels and are configured to download the latest Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 5 (UEK R5) release on the next system update. When you run yum update after registering with ULN initially, the system is upgraded to the Oracle Linux 7 Update 7 release and the default kernel is automatically changed to UEK R5. If you prefer to continue to use an alternate kernel, such as UEK R4, you must manually change the subscriptions for the system in ULN before performing the system update.

Systems that are not registered with ULN retain any existing yum configuration and continue to use the kernel that is installed with Oracle Linux 7 Update 7. If you are not registered with ULN and want to upgrade to use UEK R5, you must enable the ol7_UEKR5 repository in your yum configuration.