5.4.1 BTRFS: Version of btrfs-progs utility on Oracle Linux 7 Update 7 ISO does not support zstd file compression property

The version of the btrfs-progs that is provided on the Oracle Linux 7 Update 7 ISO does not support the zstd file compression property. As a result, using the mkfs.btrfs utility to create and mount a btrfs file system fails if you specify the zstd file compression property, for example:

mkfs.btrfs -f <device>
mount <device> <mount point>
touch <mount point>/file
btrfs property set <mount point>/file compression "zstd"
umount <mountpoint>

The following error occurs on the next attempt to open the file system by using the btrfs.fsck utility:

btrfs.fsck <device>
couldn't open because of unsupported option features (10)
ERROR: cannot open filesystem"

To correct this issue, update the version of the btrfs-progs utility on your system to version 4.15.1-1.el7, which is available in the ol7_x86_64_UEKR5 channel on ULN and the ol7_x86_64_UEKR5 repository on the Oracle Linux yum server.

(Bug ID 30178098)