Oracle® Linux 7

Release Notes for Oracle Linux 7 Update 7 (aarch64)

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September 2019

Table of Contents

1 System Requirements and Limitations
1.1 File System, Storage, and Address Space Limitations
2 Shipped Kernel
3 New Features and Changes
3.1 Graphical Installation Program Enhancement
3.2 DTrace
3.3 Developer and Compiler Tools
3.4 Developer Toolchain
3.5 Networking
3.6 Security
3.7 Infrastructure Services
3.7.1 Tuned Updates
3.7.2 Chrony Updates
3.8 Technology Preview
4 Known Issues
4.1 Support Limited to Text-Mode Environments and Server Software
4.2 Installation and Upgrade Issues
4.2.1 Alternate installation options
4.2.2 Graphical installer allows users to edit kickstart settings
4.2.3 Installing the oracle-armtoolset-8 package sometimes fails
4.2.4 Kernel panic for QLogic cnic module on ThunderX2 during installation
4.2.5 Error with PXE-based installation on UEFI virtual machine
4.2.6 Upgrade fails if open files limit is too low and rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit is installed
4.3 Automatic Bug Reporting Tool
4.4 btrfs-convert operation results in a file system that cannot be mounted
4.5 Manual execution of shim first-stage boot loader may fail in the UEFI shell
4.6 Kdump tools fail to create a vmcore-dmesg.txt on systems with many CPUs
4.7 Snapshots of KVM guests using UEFI fail and are unsupported
4.8 Uninstalling libpcap package can result in removal of a large number of libvirt packages
4.9 Virtual machine with copied disk fails to boot
4.10 grubby fatal error during kernel upgrade when /boot is on a btrfs subvolume
4.11 Hebrew LaTeX fonts
4.12 Unable to create Oracle Linux 7 LXC containers on NFS
4.13 Segmentation fault when running bluedevil-wizard
4.14 dsktune command fails with an unsupported error message
4.15 Unable to customize guest name during installation with Virtual Machine Manager
5 Installation and Availability
5.1 Installing the ISO
5.2 Installation of Raspberry Pi™ 3 Image
A Package Changes from the Upstream Release
A.1 Changes to Binary Packages
A.1.1 Added Binary Packages by Oracle
A.1.2 Modified Binary Packages
A.1.3 Modified Optional Binary Packages
A.1.4 New Binary Packages
A.1.5 Removed Binary Packages
A.2 Changes to Source Packages
A.2.1 Added Source Packages by Oracle
A.2.2 Modified Source Packages
A.2.3 Modified Optional Source Packages
A.2.4 New Source Packages
A.2.5 Removed Source Packages