4.2.3 Installing the oracle-armtoolset-8 package sometimes fails

Running the yum install oracle-armtoolset-8 command sometimes fails to install the package. This failure occurs at the following stage of the installation:

Installing : oracle-armtoolset-8-runtime-8.0-1.el7_6.aarch64  16/69
Error unpacking rpm package oracle-armtoolset-8-runtime-8.0-1.el7_6.aarch64
error: unpacking of archive failed on file
/opt/oracle/oracle-armtoolset-8/root/lib64: cpio: rename
  Installing : oracle-armtoolset-8-libgo-8.2.0-6.el7_6.aarch64  17/69
error: oracle-armtoolset-8-runtime-8.0-1.el7_6.aarch64: install failed
  Installing : oracle-armtoolset-8-libasan-8.2.0-6.el7_6.aarch64  18/69

Subsequent attempts to install the individual package also fail:

  oracle-armtoolset-8-runtime.aarch64 0:8.0-1.el7_6 

If you encounter this issue, run the following commands to remove and then reinstall the oracle-armtoolset-8 package:

# yum remove 'oracle-armtoolset-8*'
# yum remove policycoreutils-python
# rm -Rf /opt/oracle/oracle-armtoolset-8/
# yum install policycoreutils-python
# yum install 'oracle-armtoolset-8*'

(Bug ID 29672241)