4.9 Virtual machine with copied disk fails to boot

Attempting to start a virtual machine that has been created to use a copied virtual machine hard disk can fail with messages similar to the following:

Section 0 has negative size
Failed to load image: Unsupported
start_image() returned Unsupported
Error: Image at 002384AD000 start failed: Unsupported
Unloading driver at 0x002384AD000

After failing, the boot loader drops back into the UEFI interactive shell.

This issue is caused by a problem with the default EFI boot option that is used by the aarch64 virtual machine firmware when it attempts to boot the disk.

To work around the issue, when the virtual machine drops to the UEFI shell after it fails to boot, you can type the following information to manually load the appropriate shim binary:

Shell> FS0:\EFI\BOOT\fbaa64.efi

Note that typing this information is a one-time requirement and future reboots of the same virtual machine do not require manual intervention.

(Bug ID 27972230)