Chapter 7 Oracle Linux 7 Common Criteria Certification

Oracle Linux 7.3 is certified, with two sets of certificates, under the Swedish Common Criteria Scheme. The first certification demonstrates Exact Conformance against the Protection Profile for General Purpose Operating Systems (OSPP) 4.1. The second certification has a claimed evaluation level of Evaluation Assurance Level 1 (EAL1), augmented by flaw remediation. Certificates awarded in Sweden and in 17 other countries are recognized by 30 countries under the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA).

The certification includes the following evaluated security functionality:

  • Security Audit

  • Cryptographic support

  • Identification and Authentication

  • User Data Protection

  • Security Management

  • Self-protection

  • TLS and SSH protocols


To achieve compliance, the Common Criteria evaluated package set must be selected at installation time, in accordance with the description that is provided in the Evaluated Configuration Guide, and installed accordingly.

For further information about the Common Criteria certification, see the following references: