Oracle® Linux 8

Installing Oracle Linux

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September 2019

Table of Contents

1 Pre-Installation Configuration
1.1 System Requirements
1.2 Obtaining and Preparing Installation Media
1.2.1 Preparing CD or DVD Installation Media
1.2.2 Preparing USB Installation Media
1.2.3 Extracting the Contents of the Full Installation ISO Image
1.3 Planning an Installation
1.4 Using a Driver Update Disk
2 Options for Installation
2.1 Installation Boot Options
3 Installing Oracle Linux Manually
3.1 Performing Graphics-Based Installations
3.1.1 Starting the Installation
3.1.2 Setting Localization Options
3.1.3 Setting Software Options
3.1.4 Setting System Options
3.1.5 Completing the Installation
3.2 Performing Text-Based Installations
4 Automating an Oracle Linux 8 Installation by Using Kickstart
4.1 About Kickstart Installations
4.2 About the Kickstart Configuration File
4.2.1 Installation Options
4.2.2 Packages to Install
4.2.3 Pre-Installation Options
4.2.4 Post-Installation Options
4.3 Performing a Kickstart Installation
4.3.1 Installing Over the Network With Kickstart
4.3.2 Installing Kickstart Locally With Kickstart
5 Post-Installation Configuration
5.1 Registering With the Unbreakable Linux Network
5.2 Obtaining Errata and Updates From the Oracle Linux Yum Server
5.3 Obtaining Packages From the Oracle Linux Installation Media
5.4 Applying Updates
5.5 Managing an Oracle Linux System After an Installation
6 Troubleshooting Oracle Linux Installations
6.1 Troubleshooting Menu Options
6.2 Debug and Log Information
A Performing a Network Installation
A.1 Requirements for a Network Installation
A.2 Setting Up an Oracle Linux Network Installation
A.3 Configuring PXE Boot Loading
A.4 Supporting Different Kinds of Clients