3.4 Cockpit

Oracle Linux 8 includes the following features, enhancements, and changes for the Cockpit interface:


For security purposes, Cockpit usually requires that web browsers communicate with the application by using HTTPS. For more information about Cockpit usage requirements, including information about certificates and SSL and TLS versions, visit https://cockpit-project.org/guide/latest/https.html#https-certificates.

  • Cockpit packages available for installation by default.  Cockpit packages are now included in the Oracle Linux default repositories and are available for immediate installation. For non-minimal installations, Cockpit is automatically installed. A system message that is displayed prior to login provides information about how to enable or access Cockpit.


    If your firewall is enabled, you might need to allow access for the ports that are used by cockpit. To explicitly enable the firewall ports for this service, run the following command:

    # firewall-cmd --permanent --add-service=cockpit; firewall-cmd --reload
  • Firewall section added to Cockpit Networking page.  The new Firewall section on the Networking page provides support for enabling and disabling a firewall. You can also add, remove, and modify firewall rules in this section of the page.

  • Cockpit front page improved to display missing updates and subscriptions.  If your Cockpit-managed system has outdated packages or a lapsed subscription, a warning is now displayed on the Cockpit front page of the system.

  • Cockpit compatibility with mobile browsers.  In this release, you have the ability to navigate Cockpit menus and pages on several different mobile browsers. This change makes it possible to manage systems by using Cockpit from a mobile device.

  • Support for PBD rules added.  You can now use the Cockpit interface to apply Policy-Based Decryption (PBD) rules to disks on managed systems. The use of the Clevis decryption client facilitates several security management functions in Cockpit, for example, the automatic unlocking of LUKS-encrypted disk partitions.

  • Support for managing virtual machines with Cockpit.  The ability to add a Virtual Machine page to the Cockpit interface has been added. You can use this page to create and manage libvirt-based virtual machines.