3.13 Scripting Languages

The following scripting changes are introduced in this release:

  • Python 3 Support.  Oracle Linux 8 includes support for Python version 3.6. Note that this version of the Python package is not installed on an Oracle Linux 8 system by default. Use the yum install python3 command to install the package.

    Python 2.7 is also available by installing the python2 package, but note that Python 2.7 will have a shorter life cycle. The availability of Python 2.7 is provided to facilitate a smoother transition to Python 3.

    The default python package, as well as the unversioned /usr/bin/python executable, is included in Oracle Linux 8. You should use either python3 or python2 directly. Or, alternatively, you can configure the unversioned python command by using the alternatives command.

  • PHP updated to version 7.2.  Oracle Linux 8 includes PHP version 7.2, which includes several improvements over the previous version of PHP.

  • Ruby improvements.  Oracle Linux 8 includes Ruby version 2.5, which provides several improvements over Ruby 2.0.0.

  • Perl features and improvements.  Oracle Linux 8 includes Perl version 5.26, which provides new features and improvements over the previous version of Perl. Note that in this version of Perl, some features are deprecated.