About Oracle Linux 8 Repositories

The yum repositories on the Oracle Linux 8 ISO, which form the base repositories for an Oracle Linux 8 installation, are divided into two repositories: BaseOS and AppStream, both of which are available with all Oracle Linux subscriptions. These two repositories are required for the operating system to work. Additional packages may be provided in additional repositories, for example, the CodeReady Linux Builder repository.

The BaseOS repository includes the core set of packages that are required for Oracle Linux to function and includes packages that are required for all installation methods. The content of the BaseOS repository is available in RPM format. The same support terms that applied in previous releases apply to the Oracle Linux 8 release.

The AppStream repository includes packages that provide additional support for a variety of workloads, such as user-space applications, runtime languages, and databases. The AppStream repository includes content with various life cycles, which is available as traditional RPM packages and an extended format, referred to as modules.

The CodeReady Linux Builder repository provides the build packages that are required for developers and package maintainers to build traditionally compiled binaries that you might ship as packages with Oracle Linux. For example, this repository contains compilers, build tools, library sources, developer documentation, documentation build tools, and several other developer-related packages.

If you attempt to install packages from the codeready_builder yum repository or ULN channel, the system must also be subscribed to the appstream yum repository or ULN channel to avoid dependency issues. It is not sufficient for a system to only be subscribed to the codeready_builder yum repository or ULN channel and to baseos_latest.

For information about package changes in this release, see Appendix B, Package Changes from the Upstream Release.