3.1.2 DNF Support Added

Oracle Linux 8 supports a new version of the Yum tool that is based on the DNF technology. DNF, or Dandified yum, is a software package manager that installs, updates, and removes packages on RPM-based Linux distributions. Yum DNF (often referred to simply as DNF) provides several advantages over the Yum v3 tool that was used in previous releases. Most notably, DNF provides support for modular content, as well as a strict and stable API for extensions and plugins.

Keep the following key points in mind when using DNF:

  • DNF is compatible with Yum v3 when used from the command line or when editing or creating configuration files.

  • You can use the dnf command and all of its options similarly to how you used the yum command in Oracle Linux 7 and previous releases.

  • You can install Yum packages under the names that were previously used by using the provides command.

  • To aid in the transition from Yum v3 to DNF, packages include compatibility symlinks to enable binaries, configuration files, and directories to be found in their usual locations.

  • Because the Python API that is provided by Yum v3 and the Libdnf C API are likely to change during the Oracle Linux 8 life cycle, users are encouraged to migrate plugins and scripts to the new DNF Python API, as this API is stable and fully supported in Oracle Linux 8.

For a comparison of command-line, plugin, and utility differences between Yum v3 and DNF, see Appendix A, Comparing Yum Version 3 With DNF.