4.2 Oracle Linux 8 does not recognize SAS controllers on older Oracle Sun hardware

The Oracle Linux 8 installer does not recognize some Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) controllers that are found on older Oracle Sun server models. If you attempt to install Oracle Linux 8 on these server models, the installer does not recognize the local disk and the installation fails. Some examples of these older server models include but are not limited to the following: Oracle Sun Fire X4170 M2 Server, Oracle Sun Fire X4170 M3 Server, Oracle Sun OVCA X3-2 Server, and the Oracle Sun X4-2 Server.

The following SAS controllers have been removed from the mpt2sas driver in RHCK:

  • SAS2004, PCI ID 0x1000:0x0070

  • SAS2008, PCI ID 0x1000:0x0072

  • SAS2108_1, PCI ID 0x1000:0x0074

  • SAS2108_2, PCI ID 0x1000:0x0076

  • SAS2108_3, PCI ID 0x1000:0x0077

  • SAS2116_1, PCI ID 0x1000:0x0064

  • SAS2116_2, PCI ID 0x1000:0x0065

  • SSS6200, PCI ID 0x1000:0x007E

The following SAS controllers have been removed from the megaraid_sas driver in RHCK:

  • Dell PERC5, PCI ID 0x1028:0x15

  • SAS1078R, PCI ID 0x1000:0x60

  • SAS1078DE, PCI ID 0x1000:0x7C

  • SAS1064R, PCI ID 0x1000:0x411

  • VERDE_ZCR, PCI ID 0x1000:0x413

  • SAS1078GEN2, PCI ID 0x1000:0x78

  • SAS0079GEN2, PCI ID 0x1000:0x79

  • SAS0073SKINNY, PCI ID 0x1000:0x73

  • SAS0071SKINNY, PCI ID 0x1000:0x71

(Bug ID 29120478)