4.1.3 Graphics controller requirements for installation on an Oracle VM VirtualBox guest

A successful installation of Oracle Linux 8 on an Oracle VM VirtualBox guest, where the graphical installer is used and where the default install of the Server with GUI environment is set, requires that your Oracle VM VirtualBox guest uses the VMSVGA graphics controller and that it is configured with at least 64MB of memory. Failure to set the graphics controller correctly can result in an installation where the graphical display is unable to start correctly.

The VMSVGA graphics controller is the default controller when you create a new guest in Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.0 or later for Linux guest operating systems. This issue is more likely to appear if you attempt to install over an existing guest that was created on an earlier release of Oracle VM VirtualBox. Oracle recommends that you only attempt to install Oracle Linux 8 onto a newly created virtual machine in Oracle VM VirtualBox 6.0, or later.

(Bug ID 30004543)