4.3 It is not possible to create a ULN Mirror on a local yum server on Oracle Linux 8

There is currently no tool to mirror ULN channels from ULN to a local yum server hosted on Oracle Linux 8. It is still possible to perform ULN mirroring on Oracle Linux 7 and you are capable of mirroring any Oracle Linux 8 ULN channels onto a yum server hosted on Oracle Linux 7.

If you use offline Ksplice functionality, where you require a ULN mirror to service Oracle Linux 8 hosts, Oracle recommends that you host the ULN mirror on an Oracle Linux 7 host by following the instructions in Creating and Using a Local ULN Mirror in Oracle® Linux: Unbreakable Linux Network User's Guide for Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle Linux 7 Once the system is configured as a yum server, you can subscribe it to any Oracle Linux 8 ULN channels that you wish to mirror.

More information about offline Ksplice is available in Oracle® Linux 8: Managing Software on Oracle Linux and Oracle® Linux: Ksplice User's Guide.

(Bug ID 30005125)