Oracle® Linux 8: Release Notes for Oracle Linux 8.2 provides information about the new features and known issues in the Oracle Linux 8.2 release. This document may be updated after it is released.

Document generated on: 2021-04-20 (revision: 11792)


These release notes contain information that applies to both the x86_64 and 64-bit Arm (aarch64) architectures. See Chapter 6, Release-Specific Information for Oracle Linux 8.2 (aarch64) for information that is specific just to the 64-bit Arm platform.


This document is intended for users and administrators of the Oracle Linux 8.2 release. It describes potential issues that you may encounter while using the operating system; and, where appropriate, any corresponding workarounds. Oracle recommends that you read this document before installing Oracle Linux 8.2. It is assumed that readers have a general understanding of the Linux operating system.

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