2.1 About the Unbreakable Linux Network

If you have a subscription to Oracle Unbreakable Linux support, you can use the comprehensive resources of ULN. ULN offers software patches, updates, and fixes for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM, as well as information about yum, dnf, Ksplice, and support policies. You can also download useful packages that are not included in the original distribution. The ULN Alert Notification Tool periodically checks with ULN and alerts you when updates are available. You can access ULN at https://linux.oracle.com/, where you will also find instructions for registering with ULN and creating local yum repositories.

If you want to use dnf with ULN to manage your systems, you must register them with ULN and subscribe each system to one or more ULN channels. When you register a system with ULN, the channel that contains the latest version is chosen automatically, according to the system's architecture and operating system revision. See Section 2.3, “ULN Registration” for more information.

When you run the dnf command, it connects to the ULN server repository and downloads the latest software packages onto your system in RPM format. dnf then presents you with a list of the available packages so that you can choose which packages you want to install.