1.2.3 Oracle Container Runtime for Docker 18.03

This release of Oracle Container Runtime for Docker was based on the upstream Docker 18.03 release and incorporated the changes present in subsequent upstream releases since the 17.06 release.

Most notably, Oracle has implemented multi-registry support that makes it possible to run the daemon with the --add-registry flag, to include a list of additional registries to query when performing a pull operation. This functionality, enables Oracle Container Runtime for Docker to use the Oracle Container Registry as the default registry to search for container images, before falling back to alternate registry sources such as a local mirror, the Docker Hub. Other functionality available in this feature includes the --block-registry flag which can be used to prevent access to a particular Docker registry. Registry lists ensure that all images are prefixed with their source registry automatically, so that a listing of Docker images always indicates the source registry from which an image was pulled. See Section 4.6, “Setting Container Registry Options” for more information.


Docker registry list functionality is available as a technology preview and is not supported. As a technology preview, this feature is still under development but is made available for testing and evaluation purposes.

The --insecure-registry option is also included in this release and allows use of a registry over HTTPS without certificate-based authentication. This can be useful when working in development or testing environments, but should not be used in production.

Docker 18.03 introduces enhancements that allow for better integration with Kubernetes orchestration as an alternative to Docker Swarm, including changes to follow namespace conventions used across a variety of other containerization projects.

The --chown option is now supported for the ADD and COPY commands in a Dockerfile, giving users more control over file ownership when building images.

The Dockerfile can also now exist outside of the build-context, allowing you to store Dockerfiles together and to reference their paths in the docker build command on stdin.

Several improvements to logging and access to docker logs have been added, including the --until flag to limit the log lines to those that occurred before the specified timestamp.

Experimental Docker trust management commands have been added to better handle trust management on Docker images. See the docker trust command for more information.

Docker Swarm changes and improvements have gone into this release. Customers are reminded that Docker Swarm remains in technical preview in this release.

The deprecated --enable-api-cors daemon flag, which allowed cross-origin resource sharing to expose the API, has been removed in favor of the --api-cors-header option, which takes a string value to set the Access Control Allow Origin headers for the API and to determine access control for cross-origin resource sharing.

The deprecated docker daemon command, which was kept for backward compatibility, has been removed in this release.