1.2.1 Oracle Container Runtime for Docker 19.03

The current release of Oracle Container Runtime for Docker is based on the upstream Docker 19.03 release and incorporates the changes present in subsequent upstream releases since the previous release. The notable changes in this release are:

  • The docker run and docker create commands now include an option to set the domain name, using the --domainname option.

  • The docker image pull command now includes an option to quietly pull an image, using the --quiet option.

  • Faster context switching using the docker context command.

  • Added ability to list kernel capabilities with --capabilities instead of --capadd and --capdrop.

  • Added ability to define sysctl options with --sysctl list, --sysctl-add list, and --sysctl-rm list.

  • Added inline cache support to builder with the --cache-from option.

  • The IPVLAN driver is now supported and no longer considered experimental.

  • Deprecated image manifest v2 schema 1 in favor of v2 schema 2.

  • Removed v1.10 migrator.