6.1 Pulling Images from the Oracle Container Registry

This section discusses pulling an image from the Oracle Container Registry.

If you are pulling a licensed Oracle software image, you must first log into the Oracle Container Registry and accept the Oracle Standard Terms and Restrictions. For information on pulling licensed Oracle software from the Oracle Container Registry, see Section 6.2, “Pulling Licensed Software from the Oracle Container Registry”.

To pull an image from the Oracle Container Registry:

# docker pull container-registry.oracle.com/area/image[[:tag]] 

Substitute area with the repository location in the Oracle Container Registry, and image with the name of the software image. You may optionally specify a particular [[:tag] ] for the image. For example:

# docker pull container-registry.oracle.com/os/oraclelinux:7-slim

The area and image are nearly always specified in lower case. The command to pull an image is usually provided on the repository information page in the Oracle Container Registry web interface. Other useful information about the image and how it should be run may also be available on the same page.