3.3.5 Solution to Exercise: Directing makefile to Re-Create the dprime.h File

default: prime

# re-create new dprime.h if dprime.d file has been changed
dprime.h: dprime.d
	dtrace -h -s dprime.d

# compile the library primelib first
primelib.o: primelib.c
	gcc -c primelib.c

# compile the main program
primain.o: primain.c dprime.h
	gcc -c primain.c

# have dtrace post-process the object files
prime.o: dprime.d primelib.o primain.o
	dtrace -G -s dprime.d primelib.o primain.o -o prime.o

# link and create executable file "prime"
prime: prime.o
	gcc -Wl,--export-dynamic,--strip-all -o prime prime.o primelib.o primain.o dprime.h -lm

	-rm -f *.o
	-rm -f prime
	-rm -f dprime.h