Gluster Terminology


A basic unit of storage in the Gluster file system. A brick is disk storage made available using an exported directory on a server in a trusted storage pool.

Distributed File System

A file system that allows multiple clients to concurrently access data spread across bricks in a trusted storage pool.

Extended Attributes

Extended file attributes (abbreviated as xattr) is a file system feature that enables users or programs to associate files and directories with metadata. Gluster stores metadata in xattrs.

Gluster Client

A Gluster client runs the glusterfs-client software to mount gluster storage, either locally or remotely using the Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE) software interface.

Gluster Server

A Gluster server runs the glusterd service daemon to become a node in the trusted storage pool.

Gluster Volume

A Gluster volume is a logical collection of bricks. Volumes can be distributed, replicated, distributed replicated, dispersed, or distributed dispersed.


A service that exposes an API for scripts to manage trusted storage pools and volumes automatically.

Heketi Cluster

A Gluster trusted storage pool.


A host system that is a member of a trusted storage pool.


A situation where data on two or more bricks in a replicated volume diverges (the content or metadata differs).

Trusted Storage Pool

A trusted storage pool is a collection of nodes that form a cluster.