5.3.3 Expanding a Volume

This section discusses extending a volume using the Heketi CLI.

To extend a volume:

  1. Use the heketi-cli volume expand command to expand the size of a volume. The volume size in this example adds 10Gb to the volume size.

    # heketi-cli volume expand --volume=2ab33ebc348c2c6dcc3819b2691d0267 --expand-size=10
    Name: vol_2ab33ebc348c2c6dcc3819b2691d0267
    Size: 20
    Volume Id: 2ab33ebc348c2c6dcc3819b2691d0267
    Cluster Id: 7c1cf54ff4b5ab41f823ac592ba68ca5
    Mount Options: backup-volfile-servers=,
    Block: false
    Free Size: 0
    Reserved Size: 0
    Block Hosting Restriction: (none)
    Block Volumes: []
    Durability Type: replicate
    Distributed+Replica: 3