2.1 Requirements for Installing the Ksplice Enhanced Client

The Ksplice Enhanced client is available as both an online and offline client. Using the online version of the Ksplice Enhanced client requires the server to have a direct connection to the Oracle Uptrack server. To use the Ksplice Enhanced client as an offline client, access to a local ULN mirror is required. See Section 1.3, “Preparing to Use Oracle Ksplice”.

The system on which you install the enhanced client must meet the following additional requirements:

  • Must be registered with ULN or have access to the ULN channels on a mirror.

  • Must have access to the Internet or a host that is running a local ULN mirror. See Section 1.3.4, “Configuring a Local ULN Mirror to Act as a Ksplice Mirror”.

  • Must be running either Oracle Linux 6, Oracle Linux 7, or Oracle Linux 8, with a supported version of either the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) or the Red Hat Compatible Kernel (RHCK) installed.


    Support for the Ksplice Enhanced client is not available on Oracle Linux 5.

    To verify the kernel version that you are running, use the uname -a command. See Section 1.1.1, “Supported Kernels”.

  • Must be running the same kernel that you want to update. It is assumed that the currently running kernel is the one that you want to update, as Ksplice applies updates to the currently running kernel only.