3.6 Switching Between Online and Offline Ksplice Uptrack Installation Modes

To switch from one Ksplice client software version (or mode) to another Ksplice software version, for example, switch from a Ksplice online installation to a Ksplice offline installation, you must first remove the existing Ksplice client software from the system. You can then install the new version of the Ksplice client software.


Failure to remove an existing Ksplice client software version prior to installing a new Ksplice client software version results in transaction check errors during the package installation process.

For example, if you have the Ksplice Uptrack client software installed on the system and you want to install the Ksplice Offline Enhanced client software, you would need to first remove the Ksplice Uptrack client software, and then install the Ksplice Offline Enhanced client software as follows:

# yum remove uptrack ksplice-tools
# yum install ksplice-offline

To switch from an offline installation to an online installation, for example, switch from the Ksplice Uptrack Offline client software to the Ksplice Uptrack client software, you would run the following commands:

# yum remove ksplice-offline ksplice-tools
# yum install uptrack