1.3.5 Configuring an Oracle Linux 7 Spacewalk Server to Act as a Ksplice Mirror


The following information applies to the configuration of an Oracle Linux 7 Spacewalk server only.

To configure a Spacewalk server to act as a Ksplice mirror, you configure repositories and the associated software channels for the Oracle Linux releases and architectures of the systems on which you want to run Ksplice Offline client. Note that each Ksplice channel should be a child of the appropriate base software channel. For information about the channels that are available for Ksplice, see Section 1.3.3, “Available Ksplice Channels”.

You would then specify the URL for the appropriate Ksplice channel. For example, for the Oracle Linux 7 (x86_64) channel on ULN, you would specify the URL as follows:


For more information, see Chapter 12 of the Spacewalk 2.7 for Oracle Linux Client Life Cycle Management Guide for the Oracle Linux release that you are running.