4.1 About the Ksplice Uptrack API

The Ksplice Uptrack API is a RESTful web API that enables you to query the status of machines that are running Ksplice Uptrack. The API provides information about the updates that your machines have, as well as status ofr any out-of-date, inactive, or unsupported machines.

You can use the command-line tools that are included with the Python bindings; or, you can write your own custom scripts by using the bindings. You can also write your own interface by using HTTP requests. The Python bindings include the check_uptrack and check_uptrack_local plugins for Nagios. These plugins enable you to monitor the status of your machines.


You cannot use the Ksplice Uptrack API to monitor machines that are running Ksplice Offline client because these systems are not registered with https://uptrack.ksplice.com.