1.1.2 About Ksplice Updates

The following figure illustrates the life cycle of a Ksplice update for the Linux kernel.

Figure 1.1 Life Cycle of a Ksplice Update

The figure illustrates the steps in the life cycle of a Ksplice update and is described in the surrounding text.

Per the previous figure, when a critical bug or security vulnerability is discovered in the Linux kernel, Oracle produces a new kernel release and prepares a rebootless update corresponding to that release. The rebootless update is securely distributed by using the Oracle Ksplice Uptrack server and ULN, and is then applied to your systems by the Ksplice Uptrack client or Ksplice Enhanced client, with zero downtime. Your infrastructure is again up to date and secure.


The Ksplice Uptrack API does not currently support userspace or Xen updates. However, the online version of the Ksplice Enhanced client can patch shared libraries for user-space processes that are running on an Oracle Linux 6, Oracle Linux 7, or Oracle Linux 8 system.