1.3.4 Configuring a Local ULN Mirror to Act as a Ksplice Mirror

The following procedure describes how to configure a local ULN mirror to act as a Ksplice mirror. Use this procedure if you are planning to install and configure the Ksplice client as an offline client.

For more information about setting up a local ULN mirror, see Creating and Using a Local ULN Mirror in the Oracle Linux Unbreakable Linux Network User's Guide.

  1. Using a browser, log in to https://linux.oracle.com by providing the ULN user name and password that you used to register your system.

  2. On the Systems tab, click the link that is named for your system in the list of registered machines.

  3. On the System Details page, click Edit.

  4. On the Edit System Properties page, select the Yum Server check box and then click Apply Changes.

  5. On the System Details page, click Manage Subscriptions.

  6. On the System Summary page, select channels from the list of available or subscribed channels and click the arrows to move the channels between the lists.

    Modify the list of subscribed channels to include those Ksplice for Oracle Linux channels that you want to make available to local offline clients. See Section 1.3.3, “Available Ksplice Channels”.

  7. When you are finished selecting channels, save the subscription and log out of ULN.