1.1 Release Information for Oracle Linux Container Services for use with Kubernetes

Oracle Linux Container Services for use with Kubernetes version 1.1.12 is based on Kubernetes version 1.12.5, as released upstream. A full change log and links to source and binaries are provided at https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/blob/master/CHANGELOG-1.12.md. This section contains details about notable features and known issues for Kubernetes releases on Oracle Linux.


Oracle does not support Kubernetes on systems where the ol7_preview, ol7_developer or ol7_developer_EPEL yum repositories or ULN channels are enabled, or where software from these repositories or channels is currently installed on the systems where Kubernetes runs. Even if you follow the instructions in this document, you may render your platform unsupported if these repositories or channels are enabled or software from these channels or repositories is installed on your system.