Oracle® Linux: Oracle Linux Container Services for use with Kubernetes User's Guide describes how to use Oracle Linux Container Services for use with Kubernetes, which is an implementation of the open-source, containerized application management platform known as Kubernetes . Oracle provides additional tools, testing and support to deliver this technology with confidence. Kubernetes integrates with container products like Docker to handle more complex deployments where clustering may be used to improve the scalability, performance and availability of containerized applications. Detail is provided on the advanced features of Kubernetes and how it can be installed, configured and used on Oracle Linux 7.

This document describes functionality and usage available in the most current release of the product.

Document generated on: 2019-09-27 (revision: 8452)


This document is intended for administrators who need to install, configure and use Kubernetes on Oracle Linux 7. It is assumed that readers are familiar with web and virtualization technologies and have a general understanding of the Linux operating system.

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