3.2.5 Oracle Container Registry Requirements

The images that are deployed by the kubeadm-ha-setup tool are hosted on the Oracle Container Registry. For the tool to be able to install the required components, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Oracle Container Registry website at https://container-registry.oracle.com using your Single Sign-On credentials.

  2. Use the web interface to navigate to the Container Services business area and accept the Oracle Standard Terms and Restrictions for the Oracle software images that you intend to deploy. You are able to accept a global agreement that applies to all of the existing repositories within this business area. If newer repositories are added to this business area in the future, you may need to accept these terms again before performing upgrades.

  3. Ensure that each of the systems that are used as nodes within the cluster are able to access https://container-registry.oracle.com and use the docker login command to authenticate against the Oracle Container Registry using the same credentials that you used to log into the web interface:

    # docker login container-registry.oracle.com

    The command prompts you for your user name and password.

Detailed information about the Oracle Container Registry is available in Oracle® Linux: Oracle Container Runtime for Docker User's Guide.