Chapter 1 Notice Description

Effective January of 2019, Oracle changed the way in which it distributes the configuration information for yum repositories provided by the Oracle Linux yum server.

In previous years, Oracle provided a single repository configuration file that was shipped by default on the installation media of each Oracle Linux release. This file could also be downloaded directly from the Oracle Linux yum server over an HTTP connection by using a utility like wget or curl.

As different software projects and packages were added to the Oracle Linux yum server, new repository configurations were added to the yum repository configuration file. Further changes to repository naming and organization resulted in additional changes to the file, requiring users to maintain updates manually and to reconcile the repositories that were enabled and those that were disabled.

Due to the monolithic nature of the file and shortcomings in the mechanism that is used to deliver updates to repository configuration, the repository configuration has been modularized in favor of smaller repository files that are more targeted in scope. These configuration files are packaged as RPM files that will be shipped on subsequent installation media and which are made available within the _latest repositories on the Oracle Linux yum server.

The original repository configuration files located at and at remain available but are deprecated in favor of the new modularized approach. While it is still possible to download and use these files, the files may not be updated for future changes to the Oracle Linux yum server repositories. You should update your systems to use the modular yum configuration as soon as possible.

Documentation for Oracle Linux is updated to reflect these changes. Note that any remaining instructions for downloading the old monolithic configuration file are deprecated. The instructions provided in this document should be used instead.