2 Installing Podman and Related Utilities

The following instructions describe how to install Podman and related tools on an Oracle Linux host. Instructions for removing these tools are also provided.

Podman and its related utilities, Buildah and Skopeo, are designed to work independently of each other. For example, Buildah has no dependency on Podman, which means it's possible to separate the container build infrastructure from environments in which the containers are intended to run. You can install the buildah package on the same system that you run Podman; or, you can install the package on another system, if required. Similarly, you can install Skopeo separate from the other utilities according to your specific requirements.

To use Podman, you must have the latest RHCK or UEK version installed.

Podman and related tools are available for Oracle Linux 8 and Oracle Linux 9 on ULN and the Oracle Linux yum server.

To install Podman and related tools on Oracle Linux 8, install the container-tools module by using the following dnf command syntax:

sudo dnf module install container-tools:ol8

To install Podman and related tools on Oracle Linux 9, installing the container-tools package by using the following dnf command syntax:

sudo dnf install container-tools


Initial Application Streams released on Oracle Linux 9 aren't released in modular format to simplify user experience. Therefore, when installing an initial Application Stream on Oracle Linux 9, you can use the dnf install command syntax without any need to reference a module.

Verifying Podman

Use the podman info command to display information about the configuration and version of Podman.

sudo podman info

For more information, see the podman(1) manual page.

You can optionally install the podman-docker package that effectively aliases the docker command to podman. The installed package can help in environments where users are more familiar with Docker or where automation expects the docker command to be present.

To install the podman-docker package.

sudo dnf install podman-docker

To remove Podman, stop any running Podman containers and related systemd services. For more information, see Managing Containers.

When all containers have been halted or suspended, you can remove the podman package.

sudo dnf remove podman

Verifying Buildah

Check the current version of Buildah by specifying the --version flag.

sudo buildah --version

Use the buildah -h command for a command reference.

sudo buildah -h

For more information, see the buildah(1) manual page.

To remove the buildah package.

sudo dnf remove buildah

Verifying Skopeo

Use the skopeo -h command for version information and a command reference.

sudo skopeo -h

For more information, see the skopeo(1) manual page.

To remove the skopeo package.

sudo dnf remove skopeo