Appendix A Software Collection Libraries for Oracle Linux 7 (aarch64)

Oracle only provides the latest versions and additions to the Software Collection library for the Arm (aarch64) platform and these are only supported for the latest update level of Oracle Linux 7. A subset of the complete Software Collection Library (as available for the x86_64 platform) is available for the 64-bit Arm (aarch64) platform.

The following collections are available for Oracle Linux 7 on the 64-bit Arm (aarch64) platform:

  • devtoolset-6

  • devtoolset-7

  • devtoolset-8

  • devtoolset-9

  • devtoolset-10

  • httpd24

  • oracle-armtoolset-1

  • oracle-armtoolset-8

  • python27

  • rh-git29

  • rh-git218

  • rh-maven35

  • rh-nginx112

  • rh-nginx114

  • rh-nginx116

  • rh-nodejs6

  • rh-nodejs8

  • rh-nodejs10

  • rh-nodejs12

  • rh-perl526

  • rh-php70

  • rh-php71

  • rh-php72

  • rh-php73

  • rh-python36

  • rh-ruby25

  • rh-ruby26

  • rh-ruby27

  • rh-varnish5

  • rh-varnish6

The Oracle Linux 7 (aarch64) release of the Software Collection Library also includes a toolchain that provides a solid developer toolset to build code for 64-bit Arm platforms and compile modules against the provided kernel. The toolset includes version 7.3 of the gcc compiler that is used to build the aarch64 version of Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 5 and Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 6.

Developer tools are released as a software collection, which can be found in the /addons/Oscl directory repository on the provided ISO for each Oracle Linux 7 (aarch64) release, which are also available in the software_collections repository on the Oracle Linux yum server or the SoftwareCollections channel on ULN. You can install the oracle-armtoolset-1 software collection by using the yum command:

sudo yum install scl-utils oracle-armtoolset-1

After installing the oracle-armtoolset-1 software collection, you can enable it as follows:

sudo scl enable oracle-armtoolset-1 bash

The oracle-armtoolset-1 software collection is released as an addition to the Software Collection Library for Oracle Linux and is only available on the 64-bit Arm (aarch64 ) platform.


The oracle-armtoolset-1 software collection is required if you need to build kernel modules from source.