5.5 Configuring yum on a Local ULN Mirror

The following procedure configures the yum command on a server that is acting as a local ULN mirror to install package updates from itself rather than from ULN. This type of configuration can be important when the system is configured to mirror channels for alternate platforms or architectures. Because channel subscription logic is disabled for a system that is configured as a Yum Server within ULN System Management, the system could potentially install packages from channels with conflicting architectures or platforms. For this reason, you may want to configure the system to use the local ULN mirror that it is hosting, which enables you to control the system's own channel or repository subscriptions.

Note that the procedure does not affect the operation of the uln-yum-mirror script.

To configure a server that is acting as a local ULN Mirror to be able to install updated packages from itself:

  1. Use the following command to list the channels that the server is mirroring from ULN:

    # yum repolist
    Loaded plugins: rhnplugin, security
    This system is receiving updates from ULN. 
    0 packages excluded due to repository protections
    repo id                   repo name                                    status
    ol6_x86_64_addons         Oracle Linux 6 Add ons (x86_64)              367
    ol6_x86_64_latest         Oracle Linux 6 Latest (x86_64)               35,995
    ol6_x86_64_UEKR3_latest   Latest Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel
                              Release 3 for Oracle Linux 6 (x86_64)        41

    In this example, the server mirrors the ol6_addons, ol6_x86_64_latest, and ol6_x86_64_UEKR3_latest channels from ULN.

  2. Edit /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/rhnplugin.conf and disable the mirrored channels by adding the following stanza for each channel:


    For example, to disable the ol6_addons, ol6_x86_64_latest, and ol6_x86_64_UEKR3_latest channels, you would add the following stanzas:


    If you subsequently subscribe the system to any additional channels on ULN, you must also disable those channels in /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/rhnplugin.conf.

  3. Configure the server as a yum client as described in Section 5.6, “Configuring Access to a Local ULN Mirror” .